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From left: Barnabus Hale, pet hound, Blutarch Mann, Zepheniah Mann, the housemaid Elizabeth, Redmond Mann. There is also an unknown man in the far right.


The story of Team Fortress began around 1850 in England with the wealthy Englishman named Zepheniah Mann. He was the owner and proprietor of Mann & Sons Munitions Concerns a.k.a. Zepheniah Mann & Sons Co., but is best known as Mann Co. He travelled to the USA with his two sons, Blutarch and Redmond. When they arrived, they found that the gravel pits and dustbowls were useless. Zepheniah contracted many illnesses in his old age. With his last will and testament, he set up the first events of Team Fortress by giving half of his estate to Blutarch and the other half to Redmond, leaving them to fight for the other half for the rest of their lives.